Molecola supports

Every year, MoleCola donates 20% of its profits to charity, supporting various social organizations,

Since 2016 MoleCola has been supporting Renken

Renken is a non-profit international cooperation association founded in Turin in October 2006. Renken promotes dialogue between Italy and Senegal, focusing on projects aimed at promoting children’s education and sustainable development in communities, especially in southern Senegal.


In Italy, Renken works to raise awareness among the public about the complexity of the African continent, aiming to break stereotypes and appreciate differences. Every year, MoleCola supports Renken by donating part of its profits and aiding for local development projects.

An example of this commitment is the “Cola Casamance”project, launched in 2019. Through this project, MoleCola and Renken established a Cola tree plantation in the village of Abéné, in the Casamance region in southern Senegal.


Families in the village care for and work in the plantation, allowing the collection of Renken cola nuts, one of the most important raw materials purchased and used by MoleCola.


Since 1989, Banco Alimentare has been recovering surplus food on a daily basis to donate it to organizations that help people and families in need in our country. In Piedmont, the organization has been present since 1993.


Thanks to 175 volunteers who daily guarantee their presence in the different aspects of operations, Banco Alimentare Piemonte is able to recover and redistribute food products, making them available to 568 organizations that work in the area and assist those in need.


MoleCola supports Banco Alimentare’s work by periodically donating its products so that they can reach people and families in need. In recognition of the support given through our donations, Banco Alimentare has awarded us the Charity Award for three years in a row, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.