Italian heart

Molecola is the extraordinary result of the collaboration betweenItalian companies that share their experience and vision in a project unique for its taste and heart.


a dream born in Turin

MoleCola is not an ordinary project, but a dream came true. An Italian collaboration that guarantees high quality, work sustainability and fair pay for people.

The real Italian taste

born in Florence

The taste of MoleCola was created combining our imagination with the many years of experience of the only Italian aromaser, Giotti, who since 1928 in Scandicci (FI) has expertly extracted and blended the best natural aromas, using innovative technologies and all-Italian creativity.

Italian Sugar from

Veneto and Emilia Romagna

MoleCola had no options but to join the project of Italia Zuccheri, a cooperative bringing together 5700 farms, to obtain 100% Italian certified sugar from beets and guarantee farmers a fair price.


in Emilia Romagna and Piedmont

MoleCola glass bottles are produced in Piedmont, in the middle of the maritime alps, using Mineral Naturl Water. Cans production is located in Fidenza, near Parma.


By choosing MoleCola you also support Renken Onlus, an Italian association involved in the education and protection of children in Senegal

Certified 100% Italian

MoleCola is 100% Italian: it is guaranteed by Italcheck, a non-profit organization that deals with the protection of Made in Italy and which guarantees the Italian character of a product, protecting the consumer from forgeries and from the threat of the more subtle ``Italian sounding”